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Salt Therapy Chamber

Benefit for Young and Geriatric Horses

Therapy for All Ages

Our salt therapy chamber can benefit the young athlete at the height of competition by improving breathing and electrolyte balance, as well as assisting a geriatric companion that may be suffering from depletion of mineral salts. It can also assist with the healing of various skin conditions.

Our salt therapy chamber also provides a natural healing environment, putting no pressure on the horse by providing a stress-free treatment experience.

The use of salt therapy can help to reduce the reliance on antibiotics and other medications. Salt rooms provide a natural healing environment, providing a stress-free treatment experience. Sodium chloride hydrates cells which help the horse to rest, recover and perform better.

Benefits of Salt Therapy include:

  • Improvement of respiratory conditions
  • Healing of skin problems such as rain rot, dermatitis, boils and ringworm
  • Natural hydration of cells (especially beneficial as a pre-race treatment)
  • Strengthening of immune system for overall well-being and health

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