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Equine Solarium and Infrared Light Therapy

Warmth and Comfort for Your Horse

Penetrating Warmth and Healing

In addition to providing a safe and comfortable warm-up and relaxation experience, the high output infrared light produced by our solarium penetrates your horse’s skin into the underlying muscle to significantly stimulate blood circulation. This improves the horse’s muscle elasticity helping to prevent and recover from injuries. The light also increases the rate at which the horse’s muscles can absorb blood sugars and expel lactic acids, all leading to improved overall health and performance. It also stimulates the lymphatic system enabling waste products to be removed more quickly.

Light therapy helps to treat problems with muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments, as well as different types of skin issues.

Just as humans need light to maintain their mental and physical health, studies carried out on horses showed similar results. Controlled experiences with stabled horses have shown that horses exposed to light therapy for 1 hour per day maintain their ability and attitude during darker months.

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