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Meet Our Staff

Tom Svrcek, Owner

Tom Svrcek has owned horses for 40 years. For the last 35 years he has owned, bred, trained and raced Standardbreds.

He says,”I have a curiosity and a need to figure out how we could better the lives of the horses in our care. It’s the passion of everyone at Amulet Equine.

Tom is proud to offer top quality veterinary care and skilled horsemanship by a staff of knowledgeable and friendly professionals.

“The team of equine professionals at Amulet come from a variety of disciplines,” he says, “Harness racing, barrel racing and riding backgrounds. The one thing we all have in common is that we have a passion for horses and their performance.”

Janet Collins, Owner/Manager

Jan is a native of Washington, Pennsylvania and grew up on a farm. She had show horses and rode Western Pleasure, earning Pennsylvania Rookie of the Year honors from the AQHA. She later sold her first show horse, a quarterhorse, to a family that also owned Standardbreds. She joined them at The Meadows for racing and was hooked.

Since then, she has owned many Standardbreds, but none better than I’m Justa Lady, a top-level trotting mare who once won 17 of 32 starts in a season, and equaled her career best mile in her final year of racing at age 11.

She says that she simply loves everything about horses, but knows that they are all unique. “I love their personalities. Even though they don’t speak, they have the greatest personalities. Jan also enjoys her work at Amulet Rehabilitation. “My favorite part is seeing them leave here happy and healthy and go back to what it is they do.”

Jan continues to own and breed Standardbreds, which are stabled and train at Amulet.

Deborah Quinlan

Deb has worked with horses for more than 30 years. The native of Mansfield, Massachusetts gained experience with Standardbreds while splitting time between Foxboro Park in her home area and Florida, where she would spend the winter months. She came to Pennsylvania in 2000 thanks to a year-round racing schedule at The Meadows.

She has worked with a number of trainers over the years, including Mike Palone, Bill Zendt and Mike Sutton. While with the Zendt Stable, she took care of two of the track’s top horses at the time, Hidden Viggorish and Sweet Deal Hanover.

“I do this out of my love for horses,” she says. “I’m competitive, and I love to see my horses do well. I enjoy helping our rehabilitation horses get back to what they do for a living.”

Kayla Rogers

A native of Crafton, Pa., Kayla enjoyed riding horses when she was younger. “I had a warm-blood and just rode for fun,” she says. “I jumped and did barrels.”

She later earned a degree in Veterinary Technology from the Pittsburgh Career Institute, and served an externship at Canon Hill Veterinary Clinic, where she worked with both horses and small animals.

Kayla then joined the staff at Brown Equine Hospital in Somerset, before joining Amulet.

“I like how all horses have their own personalities and I enjoy being around them,” she says. “I like to help take their pain away because they can’t tell you what’s wrong like people can. I like to see how they progress, and once they feel better you can see how they are ‘alive’ again and back to being themselves.”

Emaly Welty

A native of West Elizabeth, Pa., Emaly was introduced to horses as a kid at the Shekinah Western Ranch Camp in Charleroi. After spending time as a camper for a few years, she later worked for Shekinah as Equine Director.

“Since I was a kid, I was always amazed at how beautiful horses were, and I felt blessed that God created them for us to enjoy,” she says. “Here at Amulet, I love seeing how our patients progress, and sending them off, seeing them go back to what they do.”

Prior to joining the team at Amulet, Emaly spent two years at Canon Hill Vet Clinic, where she worked as a veterinary technician.

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